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We offer the Synergie Practitioner range of facial treatments along with Synergie Practitioner medical grade chemical peels. We also stock a wide range of Synergie Skin & Synergie Practitioner products, so you can optimise your skin care routine at home in between treatments. Talk to our staff about your areas of concern so they can recommend the right products for your skin’s condition.

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The Synergie Practitioner range comprises a variety of beautifying Medi-facials. Combining contemporary cosmeceutical skincare science with advanced aesthetic technology and technique, these luxurious treatments help address skin imbalances to restore skin synergy. Ideally treatments are performed as a course for maximum benefits.

Synergie Skin Rescue Medi-facial

A tailored treatment for congested, acneic and dull skin. This deep cleansing regimen starts with an exfoliation to improve skin texture and luminosity, followed by gentle extractions to remove deep seated impurities. An application of purifying zeolite mineral, soothing Vitamin B and green tea extract help restore the hydration and immune function of areas of skin under attack. The finishing touch is an application of zinc oxide to soothe, heal and protect the skin from damaging UV exposure.

What skin is this for? • Dull • Congested • Mild comedonal acne.

Allow 45 min.

Synergie Agescape Medi-facial

An aromatic journey to calm the senses and revitalise lack lustre skin. The perfect “pick me up” for those who are time poor or in need of a lift prior to a special event. This treatment restores hydration, resulting in super soft, glowing skin.

What skin is this for? • Ageing • Dehydrated • Sun damaged • Pre-event.

Allow 60 min.

Synergie Luminessence Medi-facial

A powerful infusion of biological actives and vitamins to provide a refreshing luminosity to dull, lifeless skin. Galvanic technology is used to infuse active ingredients into the deeper layers and is followed by a facial massage to hydrate, repair and invigorate a tired skin. The ultimate facial treatment for those concerned with the signs of ageing and sun damage.

What skin is this for? • Dull • Ageing • Sun damaged.

Allow 75 min.

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